Carrots to...

So I’d like to announce a special feature that I’ll do from time to time: The Golden Carrot Award. OK so I haven’t actually got a carrot or a statue of a carrot or anything like that, for now this is all I’ve got.

I am using the symbol of the golden carrot to highlight a blog/website, etc. that I think of as especially noteworthy or excellent in some way. Today it is the website of Elena Carlena. She’s funny, brilliant, and politically the same as me: a progressive democrat. She lays the truth bombs out there, but she also has a bright, witty sort of humor. She is a progressive Christian, and has nothing but mockery for fundamentalism of all kinds. While I’m not a Christian (any longer), these are the types of reasonable and rational people that society needs more of. There are many things still incomplete on her site, but there is a lot that is there and amusing as well as some serious things. Check it out, and thank you Elena Carlena for your wonderful voice!

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