There are a ton of books, websites, blogs, etc. It seems that there’s a niche for almost everyone. I sometimes worry that I’m too narrow a slice of the minority pie. And here’s why:

  • ·         Childfree
  • ·         A woman of color
  • ·         Neo-pagan
  • ·         Have an affinity for Celtic culture
  • ·         Nocturnal by nature
  • ·         Polyamorous
  • ·         Eco-conscious
  • ·         Love SciFi, dark fantasy, & supernatural thriller
  • ·         Love Gothic style clothing & makeup
  • ·         Believe in the de-criminalization of prostitution
  • ·         Pro-choice

Just a few of the things that set me apart and put me in the odd zone. And while I may not always look like the freak that I am, it’s in there somewhere. I’ve learned to tone down my look a lot at times simply because I don’t like that sort of attention. So many ordinary people think that when they see someone with a blue Mohawk or a nose ring, they want attention. They couldn’t be further from the truth. People only choose whether to express their preferences. They don’t get to choose what those preferences are.

Perhaps our preferences are encoded in our DNA. Science is finding genes that are connected to many things, such as our preferences for foods and being picky eaters. Perhaps all of our preferences and tastes are in our DNA and it's just a matter of time or opportunity to see what we will select.

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