5/15/16 Sunday

So as you may have noticed, some of the dates on some of the posts are pretty old, by at least a few months. I had a website and a blog elsewhere, which I was unable to pay for, so I had to simply stick to the free methods of getting my information and writing out there. The ones that are dated from January are re-printed from my original website that I only had for about a month or so. So from now on, unless otherwise stated, or dated, this will be my new blog. Hope you enjoy!

Update: 5/29/16 Sunday

Also this blog is an extension of my website, which will be up soon. For those of you who've never designed or put together your own website. It's quite a lot of tedious, time-consuming work, even when using a template. As you polish, perfect, and then perfect a little bit more, just to check it all out, only to find out that there's just one more thing that needs to be adjusted. So in the meantime, enjoy the bloggy goodness and I'll let you know as soon as the website is actually published and live.

The Goth Writer

-Layla Rose


There are a ton of books, websites, blogs, etc. It seems that there’s a niche for almost everyone. I sometimes worry that I’m too narrow a slice of the minority pie. And here’s why:

  • ·         Childfree
  • ·         A woman of color
  • ·         Neo-pagan
  • ·         Have an affinity for Celtic culture
  • ·         Nocturnal by nature
  • ·         Polyamorous
  • ·         Eco-conscious
  • ·         Love SciFi, dark fantasy, & supernatural thriller
  • ·         Love Gothic style clothing & makeup
  • ·         Believe in the de-criminalization of prostitution
  • ·         Pro-choice

Just a few of the things that set me apart and put me in the odd zone. And while I may not always look like the freak that I am, it’s in there somewhere. I’ve learned to tone down my look a lot at times simply because I don’t like that sort of attention. So many ordinary people think that when they see someone with a blue Mohawk or a nose ring, they want attention. They couldn’t be further from the truth. People only choose whether to express their preferences. They don’t get to choose what those preferences are.

Perhaps our preferences are encoded in our DNA. Science is finding genes that are connected to many things, such as our preferences for foods and being picky eaters. Perhaps all of our preferences and tastes are in our DNA and it's just a matter of time or opportunity to see what we will select.


Carrots to...

So I’d like to announce a special feature that I’ll do from time to time: The Golden Carrot Award. OK so I haven’t actually got a carrot or a statue of a carrot or anything like that, for now this is all I’ve got.

I am using the symbol of the golden carrot to highlight a blog/website, etc. that I think of as especially noteworthy or excellent in some way. Today it is the website of Elena Carlena. She’s funny, brilliant, and politically the same as me: a progressive democrat. She lays the truth bombs out there, but she also has a bright, witty sort of humor. She is a progressive Christian, and has nothing but mockery for fundamentalism of all kinds. While I’m not a Christian (any longer), these are the types of reasonable and rational people that society needs more of. There are many things still incomplete on her site, but there is a lot that is there and amusing as well as some serious things. Check it out, and thank you Elena Carlena for your wonderful voice!