5/16/16 Monday

So if you’ve found me since my original inception with Black Iris Publishing and briefly with The Goth Writer domain, then congratulations, here I am once again, in final position to hopefully build and establish a blog history. I plan to write articles that you may or may not find interesting. Check out what I’ve written and see for yourself. Subscribe to my blog so that you can see all the newest and latest posts as they are updated.
My name is Layla Rose. That is my nom de plume, as it were. That will be the name you see for all of my non-fiction writing. All of my Sci-Fi and Supernatural Thrillers will be signed T.L. Collins. So now you’ll know who wrote it.

*Please don’t copy any of my original writing. If you’d like to link back to me or my blog, please do so, but I encourage you to properly give credit to me for my original work. Thank you. –Layla Rose

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